Smart Materials And Structures: New Research Book 13.05.2013

Smart Materials And Structures New Research

Nova Science Publishers | English | June 30, 2007 | ISBN: 1600211070 | PDF | 6,1 MB
'Smart' materials respond to environmental stimuli with particular changes in some variables. For that reason they are often also called responsive materials. Depending on changes in some external conditions, 'smart' materials change either their properties (mechanical, electrical, appearance), their structure or composition, or their functions. Mostly, 'smart' materials are embedded in systems whose inherent properties can be favourably changed to meet performance needs. Smart materials and structures have widespread applications in: Materials science - composites, ceramics, processing science, interface science, sensor/actuator materials, chiral materials, conducting and chiral polymers, electrochromic materials, liquid crystals, molecular-level smart materials, biomaterials; sensing and actuation - electromagnetic, acoustic, chemical and mechanical sensing and actuation, single-measurand sensors, multiplexed multimeasurand distributed sensors and actuators, sensor/actuator signal processing, compatibility of sensors and actuators with conventional and advanced materials, smart sensors for materials and composites processing; and, optics and electromagnetics - optical fibre technology, active and adaptive optical systems and components, tuneable high-dielectric phase shifters, tuneable surface control. It also have applications in: structures - smart skins for drag and turbulence control, other applications in aerospace/hydrospace structures, civil infrastructures, transportation vehicles, manufacturing equipment, repairability and maintainability; control - structural acoustic control, distributed control, analogue and digital feedback control, real-time implementation, adaptive structure stability, damage implications for structural control; and, information processing - neural networks, data processing, data visualisation and reliability. This book presents leading research from around the globe in this field.

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